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Monkey Style.


What's New?

Monkey Rampant is back, live after more than two years off! We'll be performing as part of the Winter Wonderland benefit show on December 17, from 9 pm to midnight. Tickets are $25, but the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House, so it's well worth it. Plus, there will be musical acts and an impressionist joining us on stage. We're very excited to be back on the boards! Those of you who have seen us in the past can look forward to seeing some of your favorite sketches (though we've rewritten some, so expect some surprises!) and some of your favorite cast members, too. Oh, and Ken will be wearing a very nice hat...

Monkey Rampant has finished shooting our first three short movies, which are now in post-production. Soon they will be available online and hopefully shortly after that in DVD format as well. We have also finished our next collaboration with Lion Belly Media, an original screenplay called "The Quirk and the Dead". It is a comedy/horror zombie movie ("zomedy" if you will) written by Ken MacGregor. You can view the trailer here. We also just released (with Hatkow Productions) our very first ever music video! It's a very funny song co-written by Ken MacGregor and Adam Dahl. Here is the link to it on YouTube:

How Was I to Know...


What is sketch comedy?

Unlike improv (improvisational) comedy, sketch comedy consists of short, scripted and rehearsed material.  So, when we screw up, it's not because we can't figure out what to's because we forgot! The Monkey Rampant show, "Comedy, Monkey Style" is (usually)comprised of between 20 and 30 original sketches performed at a somewhat frantic pace, in a random order, determined by the audience. Keep an open mind, be ready to laugh and maybe be a little shocked, and have fun.


What’s a Monkey Rampant?

The name Monkey Rampant is derived from a combination of things.

It’s the company’s flag. Like the Scottish Lion Rampant.  Only with a monkey. Because monkeys are funny. In heraldry, the Rampant symbol was displayed in times of battle. We do battle with the boring. We put your face. Several times now (by some of the same people) we've been told that our symbol is actually a monkey sinister, but we aren't changing the name, so you'll just have to put up with it.


What is Monkey Rampant's Mission Statement?

Monkey Rampant Sketch Company is an ensemble theater troupe dedicated to providing unique, original and affordable entertainment to the people of Ypsilanti and surrounding areas.


How much will it cost me?

The admission price varies by venue, but averages between $5 and $10. Feel free to give as much as you want (as long as it's at least the admission price) at the door, though. No one will stop you.


What kind of cool stuff do you sell?

Monkey Rampant is selling T-Shirts and Hoodies with our logo on the front, and either "Sketch Comedy Comes to Ypsilanti" or "Comedy, Monkey Style" on the back. They are 100% cotton; very stylish. T-Shirts only cost $12 (except 2XL which are $15). Hoodies are $20 (2XL available on request for $25.)

We are also now selling bumper stickers with our logo and the phrase "Comedy, Monkey Style." for only $1 each or two for $2.50! Or, you can come to the show, and get one free!



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